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The Best Optifast Protein Bar Recipe — Craig Primack MD

//The Best Optifast Protein Bar Recipe — Craig Primack MD

The Best Optifast Protein Bar Recipe — Craig Primack MD

The Best Optifast Protein Bar Recipe  Craig Primack MD

This is the best way to eat at chocolate Opifast Chocolate Bar. Its good on its own but its AMAZING like this.


Craig Primack MD: Hi there. My name is Dr. Craig Primack MD. I’m coming to you from Scottsdale, Arizona, and I’m going to spend a few minutes talking about OPTIFAST Medical Meal Replacements.

Craig Primack MD: I am a medical weight loss physician. We all know about meal replacements as well as protein shakes and such, OPTIFAST comes as bars, as shakes, and as soups, and here is the way that I make one of the chocolate bars via OPTIFAST.

Craig Primack MD: Of course, you can eat a bar plain just like this, but that’s not the way I like to do it. I have a couple things we need. We need the paper towel, we need a knife, here, I’m going to use a measuring spoon but you don’t always need one, and some kind of powdered peanut butter.

Craig Primack MD: Pretty simply, all you do is put the bar in the middle, take about half a teaspoon, which is about eight calories, and I put it right on top of the bar like that. The next step is pretty simple, we put it in the microwave, 15 seconds. Where the bar is being softened, and as soon as we take it out, we’re going to take the bar, take paper, and I smush the powder into the bar on all three sides.

Craig Primack MD: Now, as you can see, the powder is into the bar. I cut it into little pieces, doing it all one-handed to show you guys. Then really just easy, taking a bar, as you can see, dipping it into the little chocolate or, sorry, the peanut butter flakes.

End:  Yay.

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