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Sleep is the Secret to Weight Loss — Craig Primack MD Scottsdale Weight Loss Center

 Everyone knows about Diet and Exercise, Sleep may be even more important if you want to lose weight. Find out why in this video.     Doctor. Primack:               Thank you. Thanks for coming. Tonight [...]

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Secrets to a Long and Healthy Life — Craig Primack MD — Scottsdale Weight Loss Center

    https://youtu.be/jWeONbzPnuk   Do you know what it takes to live a healthy life? There is much published on the Blue Zones... Know what they are? Know where they are? Will you live a [...]

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All About Weight Loss Drugs — Craig Primack MD — Scottsdale Weight Loss Center

This video is all about the use of phentermine, Contrave, Saxenda, Belviq, Qsymia and other weight loss medications. Weight loss medications are used as part of a comprehensive weight loss program. When you have struggled [...]

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Is the Failure to Treat or Refer Patients with Obesity Medical Malpractice — A Video

This is a talk that was given at Obesity Week in Nashville in November 2018. I practiced it the week prior at Scottsdale Weight Loss Center for a group of interested patients. Craig Primack MD, [...]

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